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We always design a bouquet or arrangement of the florist choice with seasonal flowers and a personal touch!
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Deadline is 12pm for the same day delivery during week days and 11am for same day delivery on Saturdays. This may don´t apply on Holidays, we´ll contact you with delivery information.
Delivery time is guaranteed between two intervals in Stockholm city. Before 09.30 if the order is confirmed the day before or if the order is confirmed before 12.00, we can deliver before 16.30 the same day we receive the order. (This don´t apply during weekends or holidays)

Flower delivery

To be able to handle your order, you need to fill in the form down below.

When we got the order we´ll send a confirmation to your e-mail with options for payment. You can pay by Swish or by PayPal. You don´t need a PayPal accout to pay by PayPal, we´ll send you a request to your e-mail and you only need to follow the instructions.

The delivery can be done Monday-Saturday depending on when we recieve your order. We´ll inform about any delays by e-mail.

You can send an e-mail to info@melodyflowers.se if there are any problems with your order!

No orders will be sent without confirmed payment!

The store is closed on Mondays, therefore we need your order during our opening houers on Sunday´s at the latest to be able to deliver on Mondays. On Saturday´s the deliveries will be during the day, no specific time can be promised.